Questions & Answers

Q. What Is the NFP 16-Week Fertility Coaching Program™?

Q. Why Is The Program 16 Weeks In Duration?

Q. Can it Help Our Fertility Problems?

Q. Can You Show Me the Science?

Q.What Makes This Program and Approach So Different?

Q.How Is The Coaching Personalized To The Unique Needs Of Each Couple?

Q. What Is The Success Rate Of This Approach?

Q. Would I Need to Travel to You?

Q. How Will the Time Difference Work With Calls?

Q. Is the Program Hard to Follow?

Q. How Natural Is The Program?

Q. What Will We Need To Do To Optimize Our Chance Of Success?

Q. How Do You Monitor Our Progress During The 16 Weeks?  

Q. How Long Should We Expect It To Take?

Q. What Does The NFP Fertility Diet Involve?

Q. I’m Over 40, 43, 45, Or Older. Can This Help Me?

Q. What If We Can't Source All The Recommended Foods?

Q. What If My Problem Is Holding Onto a Pregnancy?

Q. Can It Be Combined With IVF And Other Treatments?

Q. Can You Help Me Cope With The Emotional Side Of This Difficult Journey?

Q. What If We Decide To Enroll And Then Change Our Mind?

Q. Is There The Option To Extend After The 16 Weeks If We Need More Time?