NFP Referral Partner Revenue-Share Program Terms

NFP Referral Partner Program

This page outlines the terms of the NFP (Natural Fertility Prescription) Referral Partner Revenue-Share Program. Including: commission structure, cookies and tracking, payouts, payment thresholds and modes of payment, refunds and cancellations and tracking of leads, sales and earnings.

How Do I Apply to Join Your Referral Program?

Click here and fill out the online form if you would like to apply to become a referral (affiliate) partner.

Company Overview

Natural Fertility Sarl is a Swiss registered company and creator of the NFP Fertility Coaching Program.

The company is a prominent participant in the natural fertility niche with a fertility blog, coaching platform and fertility podcast.

Company Name: Natural Fertility Sarl
Registration #: CHE-263.265.628
Registered Address:
Chemin des Vernes 46
Verbier, 1936
Valais, Switzerland

Referral Partner Links

Your referral partner links are unique to you and are found under the Link Generator section in your Commission Center login area. The links under the column ‘My Tracking Links’ are what you share with your audience.

What Are Your Commission Payouts

The referral partner commission payouts on NFP Fertility Coaching Plans are as follows:

Commission Structure:

The referral partner commission rates are as follows:

  • Gold plan enrollment - 25%
  • Platinum plan enrollment - 20%
  • Diamond plan enrollment - 15%
  • Ongoing (follow-up) coaching - 15%

Commissions are credited on customer payment.
Clawbacks are applied in the event of refunds or overpayments.

Referral Partner ‘Cookie’

When a contact clicks one of your referral partner links, it will place a 180 day cookie on their computer. If they join the coaching within 180 days the cookie will attribute the sale to you and the Infusionsoft system will calculate it as a commission owing to you.

When Do You Payout Your Commissions?

Commissions are paid out monthly. 

What Is Your Payment Threshold?

We require a balance of $300 USD before a commission payment is issued. If you earn less than $300 USD in commissions during one month, that balance rolls over until the combined total of all unpaid commissions reaches $300 USD or more.

What Is the Mode of Payment?

Payments are made by international wire bank transfer.

Refunds and Cancellations

Coaching clients are able to cancel their subscription with a full refund within the first 30 days or before their first consultation (whichever comes first). In addition, clients are able to cancel their monthly subscription at any time with no further obligations.

Referral partner commissions are linked to refunds and cancellations and this is factored into the automatic calculation of clawbacks.

Marketing Assets

Referral partners are provided with all the necessary marketing assets and support needed. All marketing and sales elements have been tested and fine-tuned over a ten year period to be as high converting as possible.

Marketing Assets Include:

  • The Free Information Resources - These are valuable free fertility resources referral partners can offer to their audience. These resources include high-quality fertility reports, infographics and videos revealing natural fertility tips and insights.
  • Email Swipe Files - Tested email sample copy sequences to send out to your email subscriber list offering the free information resources and linking to landing pages via your unique tracking links.
  • Website Banner Ads - Tested banner ads to place on website pages, inside blog posts and on social media which will link to the landing pages offering the free information resources via your unique tracking links.

How Do I T​​​​rack My Earnings?

We use the Infusionsoft ecommerce/CRM platform which provides robust tracking software for referral partners and a private login area for referral partners to have transparency over their leads, sales and earnings.