Client Feedback

Below is a small sample of feedback, results and experiences of couples from around the world who have used the NFP Program and Coaching service.

I am so grateful to you and for my healthy happy baby. Your knowledge is incredible and I learned so much along the way. Thank you so much for the work you do.

A healthy baby after misscariages & TTC 2-3 years 
– Wendy, Oregon USA, 45
Baby Joseph conceived naturally after failed IVF, failed IUI, advanced age (over 40) and TTC 5 years 
– Aileen

I'd like to encourage everyone who wants to get pregnant to join Iva's program.

Pregnant after failed IVF, conceived at 46 (4 months in the NFP program) 
– Rossy, USA, 46
First scan (6weeks) went perfectly! Fertility doctor surprised by my success... wants to know EVERYTHING I did to get to this point! 
– Former NFP Coaching Client - Name Withheld

I'm 13 Weeks Along, Got to Hear the Heartbeat, Got To See The Little Guy in There, Moving All Around...Already Dancing!

13 weeks pregnant after mild subclinical hypothyroidism and low sperm count. 
– Abby, Oregon USA, 30, TTC 13 months
Delivered a healthy boy at 44 
– Former NFP Coaching Client – Name Withheld

We’re more than excited! It’s a miracle and it’s a blessing and I’m so happy that Iva’s program was available to us.

Pregnant at 44 (after preparing for IVF) with 13 Year Old Frozen Sperm! 
– Sonny and Sammie, Austin Texas USA

​It was the last thing that we decided to do before [we proceeded] to the donor eggs and we are really, really happy after two years of trying and the age of 45. It was pretty, it was a miracle.

It was the last thing that we decided to do before [we proceeded] to the donor eggs 
– Pregnant at 45 – Former NFP Coaching Client - Name Withheld
I am so pleased to be one of your success stories... Hope you are helping lots more people...  
– Former NFP Coaching Client - Name Withheld

I got a BFP [big fat positive] after following your advice...
– Former NFP Coaching Client – Name Withheld
Came across NFP after struggling to conceive... the amount of information we learned about conceiving a child was priceless... To our surprise, we fell pregnant and welcomed our son... 
– Former NFP Coaching Client – Name Withheld
It was a long and difficult journey but we finally got there. I have no doubt this was a result of your program.
– Former NFP Coaching Client – Name Withheld
I still can't believe how quickly I conceived once my body was in better condition, it was only half way into your course. 
– Former NFP Coaching Client – Name Withheld
I got pregnant and now I have a 5-month old healthy boy.
– Former NFP Coaching Client – Name Withheld

We are over the moon happy but also in a state of shock, as I find it difficult to believe what has happened :-). You and your programme are absolutely amazing. Not only are we pregnant, which was our primary goal, but your programme has also enhanced the quality or our current life, which is at least as important.

Twin boys after miscarriage, poor sperm health and TTC >3 years  
– Former NFP Coaching Client – Name Withheld
Our twins are almost 5 months old. They give us so much happiness and joy every day. Thank you so much for making this possible for us. 
– Twin boys after miscarriage, poor sperm health and TTC >3 years – Former NFP Coaching Client – Name Withheld

This morning I did the pregnancy test and it was positive!
– Former NFP Coaching Client – Name Withheld
I got the most wonderful news yesterday, I had my 12 week scan... I'm Now Ready to Celebrate That I'm Having Another Baby! ... a BIG Thankyou for all your help and Guidance. 
– Former NFP Coaching Client – Name Withheld
She's here! A beautiful healthy baby girl... am just enjoying every moment with her right now... Wouldn't be here without you. 
– Pregnant at 47 after miscarriage and failed IUI – Former NFP Coaching Client – Name Withheld

If my fertility issue was not a secret, as i do not express my struggles with friends and family. I would endorse Iva's program to everyone i know! Possibly once i overcome this struggle, I will recommend this program to ALL!

I will recommend this program to ALL! 
– Former NFP Coaching Client – Name Withheld

The NFP program is amazing and I am so happy that I enrolled in the program. Before starting the program, I had 3 failed IUIs, diagnosed with unexplained infertility, I kept breaking out on my forehead, I was stressed out after completing my 3rd IUI, I was getting migraine headaches, eczema on my left leg, low energy and poor sleep.

After joining the program end of March 2017, here are my results so far-I have lost 20 pounds and my BMI is now within the normal range. I was at subclinical hyprothyroidism at TSH of 2.62 and within one month of taking the supplements, I am at 1.03 now within optimum fertility range of less than 2. My skin has cleared up and my husband has noticed a big difference in my skin. I have more energy, I am sleeping better. No more headaches. My eczema has cleared up. My vitamin D levels are within optimum range. My blood pressure is now within normal range. With the changes that my husband has seen in me. He is now coming around and getting tested as well and making the necessary changes.

My FSH before my 3 IUI was 9.66. After 3 failed IUI cycles, I tested my FSH and it was 11.3. I found out that I have MTHFR so I am now taking the right supplements to support my gene polymorphism.

Iva gave me answers which no other practitioner was able to do. Iva is amazing and she is very thorough. She gives you the science to back up what she is recommending. Whatever Iva recommends, just do it. That is exactly what I did and within a short time period, I have seen and noticed the changes in my health. The program empowers you not only for making the healthy changes for pregnancy but for life. Her program covers diet, lifestyle, mind/body connection, stress management and much more. I am sorry I did not enroll in Iva’s program before. Take the holistic approach first before you try anything else.. Enroll in her program and see how your body will heal naturally when given the right ingredients. I know that it is just a matter of time that I will be pregnant. I am in the process of going through my chelation protocol to remove heavy metals toxicity so it is just a matter of time. Thank you Iva. Thank you for your foresight in developing such an amazing program.

Iva gave me answers which no other practitioner was able to do... She gives you the science to back up what she is recommending... Enroll in the program and see how your body will heal naturally when given the right ingredients. 
– Rachel, South Carolina USA, 43
Baby Rory after Miscarriage, Low AMH, High FSH, Immunity Issues and TTC > 1 Year 
– Former NFP Coaching Client – Name Withheld

It's very thorough. I would recommended it to anyone struggling with infertility and especially prior to seeking IUI, IVF, etc. treatment. I would also recommend the NFP program to any woman who wishes to conceive so they can prepare themselves during the preconception period and ensure they have a healthy pregnancy and baby.

I would recommend it to anyone struggling with infertility and especially prior to seeking IUI, IVF etc. treatment. 
– Former NFP Coaching Client – Name Withheld

I got pregnant naturally and delivered our beautiful, healthy baby girl a few weeks before my 44th birthday... personally, we wish we'd tried Iva's program before going the IVF route.

Pregnant naturally after multiple failed IVF cycles. 
– Kassandra USA, 44, TTC 2 years
Pregnant after Failed IVF, Miscarriage and Poor Sperm Health. 
– Name Withheld, NY, USA, 41

My overall opinion of the fertility coaching is that we most definitely had to take it, because it has already changed our lives. And we are only on the sixth week! Just imagine how well my wife and I will feel when the weeks are completed. I would recommend this course not only to married couples trying to conceive, but also to couples dating towards Marriage; so that they can start taking care of their health in advance.

Former NFP Coaching Client 
– Name Withheld

I have been diagnosed with endometriosis. I am now 3 months pregnant! Both dad and I are very excited to be expecting

Baby Kyla after Endometriosis & TTC 5 years 
– Dara, Arizona USA

She is amazing and has an incredible knowledge. It is a very personalized approach and helps me to relax. I like that she is a scientist but also has knowledge of homeopathic medicines and believes in mind body connection. I am so happy I found her! and so is my husband. I needed somebody scientific so my husband also does diet etc. And the discovery of MTHFR means that he will have a longer and better life. Thanks

Former NFP Coaching Client 
– Name Withheld
Baby Dakota after Endometriosis, Low Sperm Motility & TTC 1 year 
– Krisinda, California USA, 38
Pregnant (25 Weeks) after Endometriosis, Unexplained Infertility & TTC 6 years 10 months 
– Louise, Connecticut USA, 36

GREAT NEWS! We are about 1 week away from having our first baby. And we conceived naturally too having decided that IVF was not for us for both medical and moral reasons. Thank you for all the hard work that you have put into producing your program. I think that it has had a very big part in us conceiving naturally. We followed most of your recommendations and in general, have really embraced the healthy eating/supplements lifestyle. The pregnancy has gone really well and the baby is constantly kicking and really active so I think that’s a good sign the baby is happy and healthy in the womb. So all in all, I think everything made a difference to us conceiving naturally and I think the basic truth is borne out which is when you treat your body right, and give it the right things and stop feeding it the wrong things, then the body is remarkable and can heal itself.


We have a VERY healthy, happy, contented boy: 3.4kg, 49cm. He is a dream baby – very content, very alert, sleeps long and well, feeds well and has been gaining weight very quickly. He had a little cry when he first came out but once he was put onto mum’s chest, he was very calm and looked around with great interest. He is really strong (could lift and move his head from the first day). I believe his excellent health and disposition is due to a natural conception and good supplements. We got home from hospital the day after and have been doing very very well. I cannot convey how much joy he has brought into our lives and (in my eyes) he is the sweetest little baby you could ever meet.

Again, thanks for your work and your care – keep it up. I think you are doing great work and are a blessing to many couples. All the best and with gratitude and love.

We Have a VERY Healthy, Happy, Contented Boy: 3.4kg, 49cm. He is a Dream Baby...  
– W. B., USA, 37, Baby Boy after Poor Sperm Motility, Poor Sperm Morphology, Borderline Sperm Concentration and Miscarriage
Baby Owain after Unexplained Infertility & TTC > 1 Year 
– Christa, Sydney Australia, 27
Pregnant after Failed IUI, Unexplained Infertility and Low AMH 
– Name Withheld

My level of energy has stayed up during the entire day, my mood is improving rapidly, I've lost weight, I do sleep better, and my digestion has improved a lot.

Former NFP Coaching Client 
– Name Withheld
Pregnant after Recurrent Miscarriages & Failed ICSI & IUI, TTC 6 years
– Arwa, Kuwait, 35
Pregnant (16 weeks) after Recurrent Miscarriages 
– Melissa, USA, 32

This morning I found out I am pregnant! I am very happy but I also want to make sure I eat well and would like you to remind me of what I should and should not be doing.

Former NFP Coaching Client 
– Name Withheld
Pregnant (18 weeks) after Low Progesterone, Recurrent Miscarriages & TTC > 1 Year 
– Anji, Texas, USA, 33
I just wanted to share with you that I am pregnant 
​– Former NFP Coaching Client – Name Withheld

I just took a pregnancy test today - and I'm pregnant! I just can't believe it!…

I'm Pregnant! I Just Can't Believe It! 
– Former NFP Coaching Client – Name Withheld
A note of thanks from a formerly skeptical husband 
– Former NFP Coaching Client – Name Withheld
Pregnant after Unexplained Infertility & TTC 3 years 
–Juliana, Australia, 32

Very educational not only for fertility, but as a lifestyle change. Recommend it to anyone who would like to take charge of their health and well being. A lot of misinformation out there, and Iva breaks through it all!

Former NFP Coaching Client 
– Name Withheld
Pregnant after High FSH & TTC > 1 Year 
– Anabel, Spain, 32

Thank you for the program, so detailed, comprehensive and clear at the same time. The iron-mg smoothie is one of the most delicious drinks I've ever prepared 🙂

Former NFP Coaching Client 
– Name Withheld

Just to let you know that I have given birth to a beautiful girl in the last days of December, she’s three weeks old now and a very healthy and happy baby! I would like to thank you for your support along this long journey, having our daughter with us now makes it totally worth it! Also, all the lifestyle changes we have made through the program have had a very positive impact on our lives and we are happy to continue on this healthier path along with our baby.

I Have Given Birth! 
– Solene, France

I’m 30 years old and live with my husband in the Kruger National Park (wildlife Park), South Africa. I work as an Animal Health Technician on wildlife. We always wanted children, but kept postponing it due to my studies and our work situation. We never thought that we might battle to fall pregnant. We’ve been trying for 14 months after my miscarriage, which is actually not to bad if you look at some other couples.

But I have PCOS. My husband had only a 4% sperm morphology. The worst part was the emotional side of it all. I battled to make peace with the fact that it doesn’t just happen for us as quick as for all my friends, who fell pregnant the one after the other during the time of my miscarriage and when my doctor suggested we rather look at IVF. IVF is very difficult to do from this side of the country as we are about 6 hours drive from the nearest big city where all the fertility clinics are. Every month it was getting harder and harder after every negative pregnancy test. I was also stressed as we wanted a baby soon as my husband is 10 years older that me and he would still want to be able to do things with his children when they are young adults.

I found out about Iva on the internet after doing quite a bit of research online To be honest, I wasn’t skeptical, I had hope and was desperate to try anything. I have learned a lot form her and her program is very useful for everyday living and not only for getting pregnant. The Fertility Analysis was also very useful. It was a bit overwhelming as it is quite a lot of changes to make. But we have made some of the changes. I also liked the fact that it was personally for us.

I definitely recommend Iva’s program and services, not only for trying to fall pregnant but also for every day living. We have made some changes, we have combined this with acupuncture and lots of prayers and it worked! We have a lovely 6 month old baby. I have made some permanent changes to our lifestyle. I am busy studying everything again for our next pregnancy journey. Have faith and be patient. Do what you can, make the changes and as difficult as it may seem (and everyone always says it), try not to focus too much on the fact that you want to fall pregnant.

I made an appointment with a fertility specialist. I made peace with the fact that it won’t be an easy journey. I stopped thinking about it. I found out I was pregnant a week before my appointment! I now believe that my baby came at the perfect time!

I Have a Lovely 6 Month Old Little Girl. Thanks for Your Help in Our Pregnancy and Conception Journey! 
– Lisa G. Kruger, South Africa

Thank you for the detailed and well structured seminars, thank you for all the knowledge shared with us, thank you for your kindness. I had very positive experience and really started to feel how important the internal power.

Former NFP Coaching Client 
– Name Withheld
I wanted to let you know I'm pregnant! 
– Former NFP Coaching Client – Name Withheld

My wife and I were distraught over my low sperm counts and resorted to a failed attempt at mini-IVF. Our hopes of having a family were fading and we were contemplating the last option, a full IVF protocol, but I desperately wanted to find another solution, the drugs are horrible and I couldn’t stand the thought of risking her health, not to mention our babies. I began to research as a last ditch effort and found Iva Keene. Iva convinced me of the benefits of going the healthy way and I did.

For 4 Months I did nearly everything perfectly. To me, it was worth the effort to have a chance to do it natural. I gave up even the occassional beer, and even gave up daily sex as I came to believe every 3 days would be better for sperm counts. I had a fertility health shake, a nutrient rich shake I created based on the recommendations in the course.

Four Months later I went back for a sperm test, my sperm counts had quadrupled!!!! I was amazed but even more exciting, my wife is 9 weeks pregnant, all natural, no drugs, no expensive treatments!

Do Yourself a Favor and Get the Course

Do yourself a favor and get the course, then do what nature intended – get healthy! You will feel incredible, your fertility will improve and you will save untold dollars and agony with expensive, dangerous treatments! And one more thing, get the timing right – we studied and meticulously pinpointed the timing and got pregnant first try after the 4 Months of health! Thank you Iva – keep up the good work!

My Sperm Counts Had Quadrupled… My Wife is 9 Weeks Pregnant 
– Wayne S. San Francisco, USA

Hi Iva, I followed most of your suggestions, I am now 41 and I’m happy to say that I’m 2 weeks pregnant, so thanks a million!!!! Once again thanks a million for all the help!!

I’m Now 41 and Pregnant... Thanks a Million!!!!
– Lisa G. New York, USA

Stunningly impressed. Iva is very knowledgeable and guides us with any questions or concerns!

Former NFP Coaching Client 
– Name Withheld
I am really excited and very happy to share that my [wife's] pregnancy has been confirmed with her recent blood test... 
– Former NFP Coaching Client – Name Withheld

Finally my wife has reported a positive result in pregnancy test report. That is after following your diet and medication plan for more than 8-9 months. We are in all praises for your "Diet plan and Medication - which seems to have help overcome her PCOS issues in reference to fertility". She has been reported to be 7 1/2 weeks pregnant at this point of time.

Finally My Wife Has Reported a Positive Result 
– Former NFP Coaching Client – Name Withheld

I am pregnant! I have been doing your program since April. I am 4 ½ weeks along right now. Last year I had 2 miscarriages at 5 ½ weeks & had low progesterone both times. My mid-wife suggested doing progesterone cream daily to help. I had used the cream between miscarriage 1 & 2, but obviously didn’t get the levels high enough. I took a blood test yesterday before using any cream and my progesterone level was 27.1. If I remember correctly, this is higher than it has ever been. Thanks so much! Your program opened my eyes to so much and will be the reason that I will have a healthy baby!

I am Pregnant After Two Miscarriages! My Progesterone is Higher than it’s Ever Been 
– Anji, Texas, USA, 33

I think the whole package of information (webinars, phone consultations, recipes) Iva provides is very well done.

Former NFP Coaching Client 
– Name Withheld
Good news on my end - I am pregnant... 
– Former NFP Coaching Client – Name Withheld

I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate what you do. Your explanation of things is so clear and so right on track. I believe in every part of your program and know that it helped me get pregnant! I am 5 weeks today! ... I needed Iva’s help to tweak a few things I was doing wrong. I am 37 and now pregnant after trying for a year! Thank you Iva! Thank you for your guidance!!

I am 5 Weeks Today! 
– Krisinda S. Colorado, USA

I think that the program really goes beyond anything else that I have seen and I have truly enjoyed having you guide us and support us. It's been wonderful and I'm very, very grateful for all that [information] and the supplements and you know how I can feel that you care and that's very, very special…

The program really goes beyond everything I have ever seen... 
– Former NFP Coaching Client – Name Withheld

You've been a tremendous help and support for me in the last few months... You have restored in me a sense of faith and hope when I felt so lost... 
– Former NFP Coaching Client – Name Withheld

We hired Dr. Kathryn Moloney to be our Naturopathic Fertility Coach. This is one of the best decision we've made. Dr Moloney guided, advised, recommended and prescribed custom functional techniques to enable us to reach our health objectives.

Both my husband and I have advance knowledge and experience in healthy lifestyles. However, Dr. Moloney was able to professionally evaluate and understand our challenging health issues. Dr. Moloney's extensive training supports her proficiency to offer detailed solutions to our health care needs.

Our investment in Dr. Moloney is paying multiple recurring dividends. She has given us the opportunity to jumpstart our health and healing intentions. We learn how to detox and then rebuild our health from the ground up. As a result, we've noticed a big difference in the way we feel and in our increased energy levels.

Working with Dr. Moloney is a positive and rewarding experience. We greatly appreciate the way Dr. Moloney exhibits a healthy balance between her compassionate advice and her realistic professional opinion.

We are very thankful to Dr. Moloney for her knowledge, guidance and consistent encouragement. She is absolutely lovely to work with. We highly recommend Dr. Kathryn Moloney to inspire anyone to reach his or her health goals.

​We are very thankful to Dr. Moloney for her knowledge, guidance and consistent encouragement... We highly recommend Dr. Kathryn Moloney to inspire anyone to reach his or her health goals. 
​– Former NFP Coaching Client ​– Name Withheld

I’m writing you today to give you good news!!! Today I did the pharmacy test and for the 1st time in 6 years of marriage the result is positive. I tested twice and both were positive!!! I still can’t believe it… It is such a surprise for me!!! I really thought I would have to go to IVF to make it work!!! We’ve been trying for 3 years naturally with no results!!!

The only thing I want is to thank you for sharing your material. I didn’t do all the things I should’ve but what I did was enough to have the 1st positive result in my life!! I will keep following your book as much as I can to help with the pregnancy now!!! I’m feeling so relieved!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! A big big hug!

The 1st positive result in my life!! For the 1st time in 6 years of marriage the result is positive. I still can’t believe it! 
– Juliana G. Sydney, Australia

This is a great way to boost your health and restore fertility before going to a fertility doctor and not address the underlying causes. It's gives you the power to take back your life while learning an amazing amount of information:) thank you!!!

Former NFP Coaching Client 
– Name Withheld

We are thrilled to announce that we are now 25 weeks along with a healthy baby!
– Former NFP Coaching Client (Conceived at 44) – Name Withheld

Our boy is a healthy little one, he brought joy in my home I really appreciate your help and without it I wouldn’t be happy today. Thank you, thank you.

My Baby Boy was Born on Christmas Day (25/12/2010 @8h39am)! 
– Terra L. Alberton, South Africa

I’m 11 weeks! Thank you SO much for all of your help.

Good News is I’m Pregnant Again! 
– Melissa Q. Colorado, USA

She is a great professional, knowledgeable person, loving and supportive.

Former NFP Coaching Client 
– Name Withheld
We're pregnant from the first try! 
– Former NFP Coaching Client – Name Withheld

I had my baby in September. He was 9lb 7oz (4.285kg) – not so little! Thank you for your program, it is very thorough and I would recommend it to anyone! Thank you for your advice Iva. You are so helpful!

We had a Boy! 
– Christa B. Sydney, Australia

My cycle delayed with 3 days which is not usual, I made a pregnancy test and it's positive.

I Made a Pregnancy Test And It's Positive
– Name Withheld
​We are truly blessed and so happy that this happened for us... 
​– Former NFP Coaching Client ​– Name Withheld

I thought I’d drop you a mail and let you know how happy and excited I am, I found out yesterday that I’m almost two months pregnant and it was the best news ever, so I just want to thank you for your help.

I’m Almost 2 Months Pregnant 
– Marlene M. Sydney, Australia

I Just wanted to say thank you again! I just got my hormone test back. I am 42 (will be 43 in 2 months). My FSH went from 10.7 to 7.3 in 2 months!! Estradiol also tested = 42. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Next is healing my fibroid (if it’s not already gone:), then I’m ready for my IUI!

I’m 42 and My FSH Went from 10.7 to 7.3 in 2 Months!! 
– Sammie J, Texas, USA

It’s excellent and I recommended the program to my friend for her sister and told my acupuncturist about it.

Former NFP Coaching Client 
– Name Withheld
​I have a lovely baby girl Tara, she is 15 [months] now and very healthy... 
​– ​Former NFP Coaching Client – Name Withheld

I found a lot of your information and advice very helpful, as I am now 29 weeks pregnant, after months of not ovulating after coming off the pill a year and a half ago. I’m so delighted and have had a problem free pregnancy so far so I couldn’t ask for more. Thank You, so much for all your help. Kind regards.

I Am Now 29 Weeks Pregnant 
– Ann Marie C. London, United Kingdom

We embarked on a 4th and final IVF attempt … which, with exactly the same protocol as the previous IVF led to 36 eggs (versus 14 last time) and ultimately 10 perfect blastocysts versus 4 last time. We are now pregnant (!!!!) and I will have my first scan (at 8.5 weeks) next week. I can’t tell you how happy we are. I can’t believe we are now already 7.5 weeks into our pregnancy.

I am convinced that following the program on my part (and, as much as possible on my husband’s part as well) lead to the huge increase in eggs and the quality and quantity of the blastocysts. I just wanted to thank you!

We Are Now Pregnant (!!!!)
– Angela W. Pretoria, South Africa
​I got my first positive pregnancy test ​yesterday... 
– Former NFP Coaching Client ​– Name Withheld

I think you've helped us more than our regular GPs and specialists, as it relates to our health concerns.

Former NFP Coaching Client 
– Name Withheld

Quick reminder of my story in case you don't remember, I have sever DOR since early 30's, endometriosis and fibroids. After 2 years and 5 medicated IUI with not results, not even a one day positive test, someone suggested I should read your literature and I did. I got your book and I had a consult with you in Fall 2014 and I followed your NFP program and your advise after the phone consult to 100%. I was getting very upset when 6 months later I was still not pregnant, I was discouraged and start not believing in this but, I continued nonetheless.

End of Dec. 2014, I got my first ever BFP with 5 days before a major myomectomy surgery!!! I was shocked and so so grateful! Turns out, I didn't need myomectomy, but, needed to find that good egg! I worked with a local ND for over a year and nothing happened but, I did Iva's NFP plan for 6 months and was pregnant. Granted, this was not a natural pregnancy as I don't think I ever have a chance at that as my body hyperovulates and I think that damages the eggs, this is the result of a 6th IUI with menopur and gonal F, I only produced 3 eggs which was so depressing as we wanted to freeze them before surgery but, one took and this baby is perfect! Healthy and chromosomally normal and I am over the moon happy.

I am now 18 weeks pregnant feeling my baby move and can't wait to meet him/her. I found 100 ways which didn't work and one way which worked and with Iva's plan, it finally worked! Considering that none of the other 5 iui's with 5 eggs ever took, this one worked with only 3 eggs, I KNOW it is the results of Iva and I will forever be grateful to Iva and the lady who recommended me Iva.

Thank you Iva for helping me to get this miracle child of mine! I am in awe every day!

Forever grateful,

Forever grateful

– Elena Denis, USA

The info you sent me was most useful and very interesting. I really did appreciate all of it and it really does assist in the whole conceiving thing. I have found out that I am pregnant and I am very happy thanks to you. Your tips helped and I used most of them. Thank you so much.

I Have Found Out that I am Pregnant 
– Rose H. New York City, USA

She is very knowledgeable on this subject matter. I can trust her recommendations and suggestions.

Former NFP Coaching Client 
– Name Withheld
​I have in fact recently given birth to my second son! 
– ​Former NFP Coaching Client – Name Withheld

I’m happy to announce that I am 14 weeks pregnant! Thank you, your information was very helpful.

I Am 14 Weeks Pregnant! 
– Paula B. Los Angeles, USA

Thank you for all your Information. I FOUND OUT I AM PREGNANT!

I Found Out I Am Pregnant! 
– Dianne M. San Diego, USA

Main reason for joining was… Bad experience with IVF and had two miscarriages in the last 6 months (after being 4 days late). Wanted to look at natural approach. Iva is very scientific in her approach and that was very important for my husband and for me.

Former NFP Coaching Client 
– Name Withheld
​I'm pregnant!! On the 13[th] week now... Your emails and website gave me home, support and information that I'm very thankful for. 
– Former NFP Coaching Client ​– Name Withheld

With all the info I got from you, I’ve realised that I’ve been severely impacting my chances of getting pregnant. Nearly two months later, I’m feeling so healthy and although I’m not pregnant yet, I’ve got high hopes that this is my year! Many thanks, will let you know when I get my big fat positive…

A month later:

Hi Iva, thought you’d like to know I am six weeks pregnant! After a long time doing lots of things not quite right, your advice has paid off. Three months later we are feeling great, healthy and most importantly, pregnant! So delighted to be adding to our family. Thank you!

I Am Six Weeks Pregnant! 
– Marnie S. Phoenix, USA

I’ve been researching day and night for the past three years to prepare myself physically in order to optimize my health and fertility. I could have spent the next twenty years doing the same thing and I never would have discovered the wealth of information I found in the Natural Fertility Prescription. I wish I had found this before I started my long and painstaking journey to prepare myself for pregnancy.

I certainly wouldn’t have wasted the past year trying to conceive, while I unknowingly had a hormone deficiency.

I Encourage Everyone Who is Considering or Trying to Conceive to Delve into this Program

I encourage everyone who is considering or trying to conceive to delve into this program immediately.

No Fertility Specialist or Doctor Will Ever Provide You as Much Valuable, Accurate Information

No fertility specialist or doctor will ever provide you as much valuable, accurate information than Iva Keene.

No fertility doctor or doctor I have ever met or read is as passionate about the subject as Iva Keene and has dedicated as many countless hours as she has researching this subject matter so that you can benefit from her hard, dedicated work – all contained in one source.

Thank you Iva for this Tremendous Gift!!!

I Could Have Spent the Next Twenty Years Researching and I Never Would Have Discovered the Wealth of Information 
– Mary M. Chicago, USA

Iva is amazing! I have been looking for someone with her knowledge and passion and so happy to be chatting with her:)

Former NFP Coaching Client 
– Name Withheld

I fell pregnant soon after purchasing the program. While I did not end up reading all of the material I feel that I was able to fall pregnant because I was more relaxed. I felt relaxed because I had taken a positive step toward becoming pregnant and I think I stopped worrying. This, I believe is very important because worrying seems to equate to stress which prevents my body falling pregnant naturally.

I had faith in the program because it seemed to address all the important issues that the traditional medical approach does not – stress, sleep, diet etc. I really appreciated the holistic approach that the Natural Fertility Program offers. This was really important to me because often, the “medical” approach completely ignores issues such as stress and sleep.

​I Fell Pregnant 
– ​Christina B. Edinburgh, Scotland
​And finally after 12 months of studying fertility materials, following diet, supplements and a lot of lab testing, good news: my wife is pregnant... 
– Former NFP Coaching Client ​– Name Withheld

Excellent program! Would highly recommend to anyone wanting to conceive

Former NFP Coaching Client 
– Name Withheld

The program is great, It is definitely great to be able to get all this information in one place, rather than have to gather from many different sources.

Former NFP Coaching Client 
​– Name Withheld

Unbelievable knowledge. I have been listening to a lot of experts but Iva is the best in terms of knowledge.

Former NFP Coaching Client 
​– Name Withheld

Iva is.. very knowledgeable and able to explain complex processes in layman's terms - oozes positivity and kindness. A pro through and through. Would be great to be near her and to have her as our family doctor. (Not only fertility)

Former NFP Coaching Client 
​– Name Withheld

​​Thank you so much for being here for all of us who want to know how we can best take care of our bodies to conceive healthy babies.

Former NFP Coaching Client 
​– Name Withheld
​So happy to announce that got my pregnancy test [is] positive. Currently in week 7 and first ultrasound done. 
​– Former NFP Coaching Client ​– Name Withheld

​​I'm very happy I did the program. I was, I feel like I was lucky that I found it. It actually came recommended by a friend of mine and for a while, and then I was, I was just searching... So I loved that it was just, everything was natural… I loved the [things] I learned all during the program are things I would have never learned. Like if I didn't participate and I'm not pregnant yet, but I really, I feel like it was one of the best investments I've made in myself.

​I'm very happy I did the program... It was one of the best investments I've made in myself. 
​– Former NFP Coaching Client ​– Name Withheld